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Planning, Management, and Execution
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Enterprise Test Management inside JIRA

Vansah is a seamless plugin app integration for JIRA designed to:

  • Conduct tests to fit your JIRA process
  • Track results and test cases against JIRA issues
  • Enhanced Test Reporting and Planning
  • From start to finish traceability with real control and insights
  • Single Test repository for immediate access and management

No more fumbling with fragmented testing tools. Finally a simple but advanced Test Management plugin for JIRA that the team can use

Accurately, intuitively and Easily Trace everything as you work and manage your software projects in JIRA

Joint efforts on test runs, plans and test cases

Track and execute your tests against the JIRA issues

Real-time reporting and insights

Integrate automated tests into Jira and more.

Vansah for JIRA Test Management

A JIRA-native plugin that fosters innovative top-notch manual and automation Test Management right through JIRA Cloud.

Designed to help your team  track, plan, and test with real-time reporting supporting quality testing deliverables across your releases



A JIRA-native Testing App without using Issues

Rid yourself the embarrassment of sending broken and untested codes ever again. Testing available in JIRA with no pressure to utilize JIRA issue type as a test.

With No Need to Tests as JIRA Issues, Evade disturbing your development boards.

  • Sprint and Release Integration
  • Full history trail
  • Test Design
  • Test Execution
  • Attachment handling

Test Planning

Begin making Test Plans, Link JIRA issues and reuse them in all test properties.

  • Define Test Plans, using JIRA Issues as links automating Test Reporting 
  • Execute Tests with JIRA Release and Sprint integration
  • Plan test cases with rich text and images for steps and expected results.
  • Upload results as you verify tests 

Effective Test Reporting

Vansah helps development and QA teams of all sizes efficiently manage, track, and coordinate software testing efforts directly within JIRA.

  • Comprehensive test reporting automated with Jira Issue traceability
  • Powerful Test coverage reports based on your JIRA workflow
  • Share test progress and results with your entire development team

Our REST API framework make it simple to construct your CI/CD pipeline

Syncronize your automated test results within JIRA through popular open-source frameworks and commercial test automation tools

  • Rest API framework
  • Impactful Test coverage reports combining manual and automation tests within your JIRA workflow
  • Test automation integration with Selenium, Junit and popular testing tools. 

Seamless Test Management integration with Jira

Directly integrate test management with native JIRA functionality like “Components,” “Labels,” “Releases,” and “Priority” to easily report on your testing activities.

Agility is everything

Conveniently execute your tests against the JIRA issue. Add test results, attach files and include relevant comments. Get a better sense of what’s been tested and its level of quality with JIRA issues. 

Focus on just the things you need to drive quality and collaboration.


Understand QA metrics with Real-Time Insights and Reports

Receive real-time insights for quick, accurate decision-making. 

Easily manage details in a customized, structured way. Include your specific preconditions, steps and expected results. Attach files and customize fields to best support your testing procedures. Compare automated test results to manual test results. Significantly improve productivity.

Synchronize test management and automation

Enhance your testing experience by working with continuous integration tools, automation tools like Selenium and Cucumber, or build your own integrations with out-of-the-box REST API.

Why use Vansah to manage your software test plans:

Across multiple testing properties within your JIRA project, Vansah makes it easy to manage test cases with meaningful test results across your JIRA project/s.

  • Enter test cases with preconditions, test instructions, expected results, priorities, and effort estimates
  • Organize test cases in test suites
  • Manage Test plans within JIRA
  • A single testing repository for JIRA extended with advanced testing functions


Comprehensive Test Management and seamless JIRA-native integration. Deliver better software with Vansah and transform your testing, see how.

Seamless JIRA-native integration for Comprehensive Test Management See how Vansah can transform your testing to deliver better software

Vansah is backed by Testpoint. With over 50 million test logs generated to date!

Testpoint, Australia’s Leading Consultants in Software Testing, QA, ICT Program Management

A trusted technology partner, Testpoint continues to enhance the client experience by managing and addressing project delivery with leading testing technology

 Vansah™, Testpoint’s Software Testing APP for JIRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vansah is now a JIRA-native app for JIRA Test Management. Installed directly from the Atlassian marketplace, Vansah provides enterprise level testing capabilities right within JIRA

Vansah came to existence when a trusted technology partner, Testpoint developed an end-to-end solution to manual and automated software testing to help its customers. It has since evolved to become a JIRA-native plugin for JIRA project teams.

We have kept it simple. All features available. Pricing is based on JIRA's pricing structure. Head to the Atlassian marketplace for all up to date pricing.

Vansah comes with a 30-day trial.