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Web-based Test Management Solution
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How does Vansah Work

Vansah® is not a test automation tool. Instead, Vansah® remains tool-agnostic to enable test automation to:

  • Accelerate testing maturity.
  • Improve quality and velocity of IT delivery.
  • Enable organizations to “shift left” testing early and continuously during development releases
  • Produce a defect-prevention culture
  • Detect issues early in production with a “shift right” focus

No more fumbling with fragmented testing procedures Finally, outdated legacy system frustrations fade

Easily, Intuitively and Accurately Trace everything as you manage your software projects

Collaborate on test cases, plans, and runs

Execute your tests and track the results

Robust metrics and real-time insights

Integrate with Jira, issue trackers, automated tests, and more.

What Is Vansah

Vansah promotes close collaboration, auditing, and reporting across software testing teams.

Thus, providing the visibility to understand the quality of testing deliverables as you prepare to launch software releases.



Integrated Issue Tracking

Vansah uses a Jira Plugin for tracking issues

A simple yet powerful integrated issue tracker includes:
  • Filters
  • Prioritization
  • Full history trail
  • Attachment handling
  • Commenting
  • Task management
  • Time management
Link test results to issues, create bug reports from Vansah, and look up bugs and jump to issues in Jira.

Test Planning

Enter test cases once and reuse them across multiple Test properties.

  • Define Test Plans, Organize Test Runs
  • Execute Test Runs and Capture Results
  • Real-Time Insights, Reports, and Charts
  • Communicate project status and test results
  • Manage Testing Requirements

Jira Integrations

Vansah helps development and QA teams of all sizes efficiently manage, track, and coordinate software testing efforts.

  • Seamless, powerful integration with Jira Cloud and Server for enterprise test management
  • Comprehensive web-based test case management software
  • Simple, centralized, easy-to-use web application
  • Run powerful coverage reports
  • Look up issue details

Automation Platform Integration

Vansah™ manages testing in real-time, creating synergy between automated and manual testers within a secured online platform.[i] Integrate any number of automated testing robots or frameworks into Vansah using available APIs. Your project team can now plan, execute, and manage testing with speed, efficiency, and repeated consistency.

New build and release details are automatically synchronized in Vansah™ as continuous integration. After each commit, your automated tests can be executed. Then the status of test cases is visible on your private or public Vansah™ dashboards. Information is easily shared for collaboration and responsive decision making.

Define Test Plans, Organize Test Runs

You need to trace testing to requirements, tasks, and defects. It is vital that you create a direct relationship between requirements and test cases. And it is critical whether you have multiple requirements within a single test case or multiple test cases to deal with a single requirement.

Enter test cases once and reuse them across multiple Test properties. Manage test cases, create test cycles, and organize large projects. Test Plans are linked to your project Kanban boards. Manage all your ongoing test projects in Vansah with access to all the relevant project details right at your fingertips, including past results, milestones, and active test runs.

Execute Test Runs and Capture Results

Quick access, convenient to execute and easy to track. Add the test results, attach files and include relevant comments. The task lists and time tracking are built right in. Rich test cases help the teams verify the functionality and requirements of the application before launch.

Real-Time Insights, Reports, and Charts

Receive real-time insights for quick, accurate decision-making. Easily manage details in a customized, structured way. Include your specific preconditions, steps and expected results. Attach files and customize fields to best support your testing procedures. Compare automated test results to manual test results. Significantly improve productivity.

Track, Print, Share and Archive

Vansah uses a Jira Plugin to manage tracking issues. Link your test results to issues, create bug reports, and look up bugs, then jump to issues in Jira. Easily archive complete projects and enable multiple teams the ability to work in parallel. Track the progress of each project with the powerful interface of Vansah.

Why use Vansah to manage your software test plans:

Vansah makes it easy to collect and organize test cases and capture test results across multiple testing properties.

  • Enter test cases with preconditions, test instructions, expected results, priorities, and effort estimates
  • Organize test cases in test suites
  • Break large projects down into milestones

Entering test results is just as easy, and testers can even leave comments and attach files.

Seamless Jira integration in Comprehensive Test Management See how Vansah can transform your test planning

Comprehensive Test Case Management and Execution


Test Case Management


Track Tests






Team and Productivity

Vansah is backed by Testpoint and Used by Thousand Over 50 million test logs generated to date!

Testpoint, Australia’s Leading Consultants in Software Testing, QA, ICT Program Management

A trusted technology partner, Testpoint continues to enrich client experience by addressing and managing domain knowledge and project execution. Enterprise-level test management capabilities utilize Vansah™, Testpoint’s proprietary Software Testing Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vansah integrates with automation testing tools, allowing you to manage and view the progress of your automated tests.

Vansah came to existence when a trusted technology partner, Testpoint developed an end-to-end solution to manual and automated software testing to help its customers. It has since evolved to become a #SaaS based platform for project teams.

  • Define Test Plans and Organize Test Runs,
  • Execute Your Tests and Capture Results,
  • Integrate and Automate using  Vansah extensive Rest API framework
  • Manage Test cases using Vansah's powerful Group by view 

We have kept it simple. All features available for $15.00 AUD per user which includes support.

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