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Release Notes

Release Label Details  
1.2.15-AC 17th of January 2023  
1.2.11-AC 3rd of November 2022  
1.2.5-AC 11th of October 2022  
1.2.4-AC 20th of July 2022  
1.2.2-AC 23rd of June 2022  
1.2.1-AC 14th of April 2022 2nd of February 2022 16th of December 2021 29th of November 2021 17th of November 2021 12th of November 2021  
1.1.32-AC 29th of October 2021  
1.1.30-AC 14th of October 2021  
Private 20th of August 2021  
Private 6th of August 2021  
Private 16th of July 2021  
Private 2nd of July 2021  
Private 22nd of June 2021