Version: TP.03032022.01

Effective date: 03/March/2022

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We are hosted on

  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean

Our data centers are currently located in the US/New York.

More regions will be supported in the future, following Atlassian’s public roadmap for supporting data residency for apps.

No. All user PII data is managed by Jira

We have provisioned production access to only the DevOps team and no one else. Developers, Testers and or System Administrators never have access to production data, including backups.

All production access is logged with signed off access only and limited to the required time to support the access requirement.

We do not extract any data from Jira other than Jira Issue Key (Number) to be used and stored as a link to the test case/s.

The rest of the data is specific to Vansah.


Vansah has access to all Jira Issue types, priority id’s, component id’s and labels within the project it has been enabled for.

We store all the data regarding Vansah: test cases, plans, cycles and executions

Yes, we maintain an audit log of the infrastructure changes for 6 months.

We store the customer data for 6 months after the subscription has expired so that customers can continue with the application where they left off once they renew the license.

Customers can request to have their data removed completely from our systems earlier by raising a ticket on our support portal.