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Vansah offers 3 layers of application security 

Ensures maximum security in data transfer. Prevents login and password theft. All communications to and from the Vansah’s application are encrypted in bank-grade security protocol.

Customer data is partitioned. This ensures there is no data overlap / loss of data integrity between customers.

Each customer workspace is separated between different projects and user security groups. 

Continuous Monitoring

SSL/HTTPS Encryption

High Availability

Backed by Testpoint, all our systems are continuously monitored for security, availability and performance. Today Vansah operates a highly scalable and redundant infrastructure backed by a 99.99% uptime service level agreements.

Vansah employs Testpoint‘s Security’s industry-leading testing solution to regularly assess, verify and safeguard our customers confidential data from security breaches and hacker attacks. Testpoint conducts rigorous and ongoing security and application testing for many fortune 500 companies and small to medium size organisation including Vansah.

Regular Secure Backups

Automatic Updates

High Availability

Vansah incorporates the latest industry standards when it comes to real-time backups, recovery and software deployment processes. This provides confidence to our customers that data is regularly encrypted, backed up and available.