Continuous Testing

Agile and DevOps Teams require faster feedback to evaluate business risk.
Continuous Testing (CT) is a solution for testing often across your release cycle, helping you focus on actionable feedback at the right point.
Developers need insights to optimize and fix issues efficiently. Business leaders simply need to know when it’s safe to release.

Slower Quality Release Cycles

Slow, costly process often delays releases that return business value. While there may be tools for continious delivery (CD), teams are challenged to enable quality at speed hence the need for Continuous Testing.

Lack of Strategy

Traditional process can delay releases. A CI strategy is required to help accelerate and prioritize testing to meet the needs of fast-paced Agile and DevOps initiatives

Test Smarter and Drive towards accelerated delivery

Continuous Testing requires a new approach and strategy for quality and fast paced release cycles. If your release cycles are no-longer just once or twice per year then you must re-think Testing for faster testing feedback to stay competitive.

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Remove barriers to delivering quality software faster without brand erosion

We understand test automation is essential for modern application delivery processes. The ideal target is to rely on automation for faster coverage and quality of releases. This will essentially help us spot critical problems as soon as they are introduced.

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Integrate with CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and GitHub

Vansah integrates with leading automation frameworks Cucumber, Selenium and JUnit. Now you can hook your automation right in your CI/CD pipeline.

Riya Elza

Best tool for testing, highly recommended

Gihad Ali

Vansah has been the single best product test tool for our client whom we are partners with, over the period of a few months test management onto Vansah has provided governance, productivity, raised the level of defect management and a clear view on reporting....