Exploratory Testing

Vansah For Exploratory Testing helps you test and discover bugs early. You should not rely on scripted tests to deliver bug-free software.

Unidentified product risks

The unknowns can lead to major Product development risks. Without exploring your system you are left with potential failures

Lack of time compromises quality

Teams often compromise quality causing by rushing the testing process. Exploratory testing captures bugs that impact real user fast.

Avoid compromises that affect quality while staying competitive

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Test from a users perspective

Exploratory Testing to uncover hidden risks that scripted and automated tests simply cannot keep up with.

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Riya Elza

Best tool for testing, highly recommended

Gihad Ali

Vansah has been the single best product test tool for our client whom we are partners with, over the period of a few months test management onto Vansah has provided governance, productivity, raised the level of defect management and a clear view on reporting....