Test Automation

Don't let manual testing hold you back.
Accelerate your release cycles with fast test automation capturing quick insights across your development.

In-ability to scale

Repetitive Tests can reduce your ability to scale and be competitive. Last minute changes causes challenges when relying on manual testing that slows release cycles.

Lack of Test Coverage

Delays in software deployments impacts manual testing coverage making it impossible to deliver at a competitive rate.

Reliable, Accurate = Automated

Vansah now supports BDD scripting using Gherkin language. With Vansah, users will be able to map Jira user stories using BDD, and automate using Cucumber - right from Vansah.

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Hook automation into your CI/CD

Vansah integrates with leading automation frameworks such as Cucumber and Selenium including a growing integration with CI tools like Jenkins, Github and Bamboo allowing for your pipeline to be visible across all testing phases.

Native Test Script support for BDD

Manual and Automation tests results are centralised and managed in Vansah and Jira using our powerful Rest API that connects with automation frameworks and captures automation results. Vansah is a native app inside Jira making it simple and powerful for reporting and seeing results in real-time in one place.

Riya Elza

Best tool for testing, highly recommended

Gihad Ali

Vansah has been the single best product test tool for our client whom we are partners with, over the period of a few months test management onto Vansah has provided governance, productivity, raised the level of defect management and a clear view on reporting....