Vansah Test Management Roadmap

Apart from the regular monthly enhancements, security and bug fixes, we have our Annual Roadmap showcasing some of our upcoming product features.

Test Case Version (Late May 24)

Test Case Version Management, scheduled to be launched in May 2024. This innovative feature will empower users with full version management control over Test Cases, providing a seamless and efficient way to create, restore, and execute Test Cases based on a specific Test Case version.

Advanced Test Plans (Early May 24)

Vansah's most powerful Test Plan management for Jira. Create a Test Plan which spans across any number of Jira Issues or Test Folder/Cycles. With a single Test Plan you will be able to manage Testing and track progress across your project/s while maintaining traceability of Test Cases to your Jira Issue requirements.

Business Intelligence Integration (Ready)

Vansah Gadgets available within your Jira Dashboards can be shared with your BI Tool of choice using Rest API and Atlassian Token Authentication. Simply create the Gadget and configure the gadget and click on Share to BI.

Gadgets and Advance Reporting (Ready)

Vansah provides built-in gadgets for Testing and Requirement Coverage reporting which can be added to your Jira Dashboard. You can choose from Testing Burn Up, Test Execution and Test Summary Gadgets available for your Jira Dashboard. We plan on introducing several more Gadgets by the end of 2022, which will support Test Runs, Daily Reporting, Project Status and Requirements Traceability/Coverage with Advanced configuration to allow you to report across a range of Jira system fields, custom fields with Group by functions.

Support Jira Languages (Ready)

When using Atlassian products, you have the option to choose your preferred language from your Atlassian account. Regardless of the language selected or chosen by your Jira product Administrator, Vansah will automatically be displayed in the language which has been set or selected.

Data Residency (Ready)

Data residency gives organizations more control over their data by ensuring their user-generated content is stored within the US, EU, GB, AU and other regions. For more information please visit Vansah's Data Residency page

Advanced Test Automation Integration (Ready)

Vansah's REST API's optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing allowing for our users to automate using any framework or tool. Vansah's API can be used to integrate Vansah with various tools, automation and dev frameworks into Jira. We plan on releasing more binders and automation framework support.

Vansah Intelligence - GenAI (Ready)

A state-of-the-art solution that harnesses the power of GenAI to streamline Test Case development based on user stories and requirements. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, Vansah Intelligence™ empowers testers to generate comprehensive Test Cases effortlessly. By automating the generation of Test Cases, Vansah Intelligence™ saves time and improves overall quality and productivity for Jira teams.

Jira Workflow Validators Support (Ready)

Integrating Test Results with Jira Workflow Validators. Streamline and optimize Jira workflow validation with Vansah Support