Explore and Compare Vansah Test Management for Jira with QMetry

Intuitive GUI & flow
Built in support for multiple project
No limitation for data per project
Import of existing information
Export of project data

Hierarchical filters to organize information (e.g. Test Tree, Bug categories, Requirement types)*
Groups and permissions
Mail notifications and alerts

Support for user stories (Agile)
Traceability between requirements and tests
Traceability between requirements and issues/bugs

Manage large numbers of tests for multiple products/projects
Individual steps per test (including attachments)
Traceability between Tests and Requirements
Traceability between Tests and Issues reported from them
Reuse Test Cases Across Projects
Clone Tests between projects
Batch operations (cloning, editing, deletion)

Exploratory Testing module (session based testing)
Ability to organize test cycles and product versions
Audit history of runs and results
Ability to edit tests during runs
Ability to report issues/bugs from tests and auto-populate tests to reproduce
Assignment of Cycles and Tests to testers
Reusability of tests between multiple cycles
Parameterization of Test Cases and Sets
Ability to visualize cycle and project testing status
Batch operations (cloning, editing, deletion)